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We Value Our Customers and Strive for

Excellent Service

Our Company

Epsium is a food and beverage marketing, sales, and distribution company. We strive to provide excellence and distinguish ourselves with exceptional service and quality goods, with a range of top branded products for the restaurant, hospitality, and entertainment industry. Through these we are fortunate to be involved in people


We provide a variety of quality food and beverage needs to restaurants, bars, hotels, resorts, entertainment sectors and more. We embrace innovation and are committed to meet the demands of customers and continue to evolve as the food and beverage industry grows and changes.


The consumer is at the heart of everything we do, we are continuously looking for ways to grow our company and offer a broad range of products to our clients. We strive to provide the best customer service experience while offering top quality products. We are committed to building strong relationships with our suppliers, distributors and customers while collaborating with each other to achieve the best results.

Global Presence

Our expanding international presence in the global business arena allows us to sustainably provide the best quality products and service around the world through our global regions and focus on innovation. Our objective it to put our international experience and expertise to work for your business.
The food industry is evolving rapidly and as the global population grows in this fast-moving world, our goal is to develop and grow along with it to meet our consumer’s needs.
We cover the following regions: Asia, Europe, North America, South America

Food Quality and Safety:

We are committed to deliver strategic approaches across our operations necessary to provide quality assurance, safety and reliable products and services in a responsible and conscientious manner in the food and beverage industry.
Our Food Safety and Quality system consists on high industry standards and ensures that, wherever we are located globally, we have a clear, organized structure and constant focus to deliver safe, quality products and services.
Our system is an important tool to continuously improve our processes for our client’s needs and for optimizing business management. We vigorously make sure to keep up with the legal requirements and industry best practices.
Our Food Safety and Quality System consists on the following components:
Food brand quality and safety principles
Partner Requirements
Food Safety and Quality Conducts


We believe that it is our responsibility to consistently strive to make a positive impact in communities and people’s lifestyles. We are proud to be able to provide good quality products in the food and beverage industry in a responsible way by following these ethical standards:

Reduce environmental impact

Give back to people

Practice energy efficiency measures

Prevent pollution

Improve global supply chain

Develop Sustainability Work Policies


We are excited to be part of people’s lives and have the opportunity give back and serve our clients in a positive way while taking care of the planet that is helping us grow our business. We will continue to push ourselves to improve the quality of life for people, reduce environmental impact and improve sustainability.

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